Hazardous/Special container

Reefer Container shipping, Reefer Container shipping
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Reefer Container shipping

Reefer Container shipping

1. Any type of temperature controlled cargo - Reefer container,refrigerated/frozen/chilled container transportation.

2. Thermo King/Carrier/Daikin refrigerating machine

3. Temperature controlled storage of +18℃~ +25℃ and frozen/chilled storage of -25℃ ~ +4℃

4. Competitive price and professional service 


Chinese fruit and vegetable is famous, such as apple, pear, onion, garlic, etc.It is sold to all over the world. Other goods like tea,flowers,plants,milk,various dairy products,beverages,frozen foods,fish,meat,raw material of food,medicine and other temperature controlled products are also exported all over the world.

As it is corruptible, it is strict for temperature. EVEREAST LOGISTICS offer specialized services in handling any type of temperature controlled cargo - Reefer container,refrigerated/frozen/chilled container shipping service from China to all over the world.

We can pick up the cargo from the factory/processing plants, in this way the cargo will be stored in a proper temperature during the whole transport process,and ensuring that your products are transported at required temperature & maximum levels of safety and strict hygiene standards.

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